Review – Is It Really Worth the $$$

Product: (online streaming coaching sessions aimed at Coaches of numerous sports)

Price: $10 – $47 (for Youth Football specifically)

Where to Buy: Only on

Length of Courses: Individual coaching sessions run an average of 1 hour, Packages run up to 22 hours

Guarantee: Covered by Individual Providers

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Overview is a collection of “Coach the Coach” and “Coach to Player” online video sessions delivered by 540 different top coaches from around the world. These coaches represent 42 different sports and deliver 1321 separate coaching sessions at the time of this writing.

CoachTube itself is simply a marketing platform that relieves the individual coaches of the “business” end of marketing, selling, and tracking the online coaching sessions.

As I browsed the different sessions I actually found multiple free sessions, one by New England Patriots Coach Bill Belicek. In Youth Football in particular I found 24 separate packages. I found:

  • Position coaching sessions
  • Special Teams
  • Offense/Defense, to include specific schemes
  • A 22 hour package that covers all aspects of coaching a youth football team

Unfortunately, there is currently no formal question and answer forum. A quick email to the owner of the site and he stated that if a user has questions about a particular session he can direct them to some individual forums for “some” of the coaches. And he is currently building a question and answer forum so questions can be addressed more quickly.

Youth Football Coach Training

My favorite find was this last package I mentioned above. What a FANTASTIC find! This 22 hour package actually includes 2+ hours of a “Coach the Coach” BASICS on coaching kids–a great session all by itself. The remainder of the package goes into everything from building self-esteem to accountability, installing offenses and defenses, special teams, even simply making the game fun.

This 22 hour package “Youth Football Coach Training” costs $29.99, a fantastic deal all by itself. The first 2+ hours session I mentioned is not just great for a first time coach, but it is great reminder of what a coach’s job is–really enjoyed this portion.

Pros & Cons


  • Sessions given by 540 top coaches
  • 1321 separate courses
  • 42 different sports
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Access to your purchased videos for life
  • It is mobile! You can literally take your cell phone and use these videos on the practice field


  • Follow on questions are complicated, but the owner of the site is currently building a Q&A forum
  • Nothing matches the value of face to face coaching

Why Only a Rating of 8?

Because it is online, period. The best rating I would give it, just because it is online, is a 9-like I said above “Nothing matches the value of face to face coaching”. The other point deduction I imposed is because of the lack of a question and answer forum.

Anyone that is truly inquisitive and trying to learn is going to have questions. And at this point the site does not even have a “Frequently Asked Questions” section. But the actual product is fantastic, hence the “8”. However, I am sure this will move up to a 9 as the owner assures me that he is building a Q&A forum as of the date of this writing.

My recommendation, especially for a Coach that is relatively new to youth football, is it YES!

In fact, if you are a coach in any sport that offers it is definitely worth a look. And with many of the sessions that have a price tag of only $9.99, it is definitely worth a try.

Go check this out now, it’s worth it!

Please leave any comments you have below; any questions I will get back to you soonest–I Promise!  🙂






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9 Comments on “ Review – Is It Really Worth the $$$”

  1. I really like the part of teaching youth self-esteem to accountability. Thats excatly what my son needs right now while futhering his football skills for many years to come. Thank you Skip, great post

    1. This is exactly what i was just going to say! I couldn’t agree more. I was a hockey player, not football, but same thing applies here. thanks!

  2. Thanks for this honest review. My sister wants her son to be more active and I think football is a great way to do that and they can have a couch ready for them online whenever is good for them is amazing! So I will pass this to her.
    Thanks again for very helpful review

  3. I was looking for a drill for my brother. I like that it includes a lot of coaches opinions so these can provide some perspective. I guess it can make a good present. What do you think?

    1. I think it would be a great gift! I probably would not get the big coaching package, but look at the other 23 sessions that focus on youth football.

      Maybe select a session or 2 that focus on his position area/s. Most of the sessions that are more focused are only $10-$13, about 2 hours long, and an all-around better deal for an individual player. Good luck to you and your brother.

  4. This seems to be an interesting football program for the youths. And the price is not that bad. I might recommend this to my little nephew. In what States is the program is available?

    Thank you for sharing great information

    1. This is an internet video streaming program, so it can be used anywhere that an individual has a computer with internet or on a cellphone. In fact, the site boasts that it can be used via cell phone on the field. And one you buy a specific session you have access to it for LIFE. Definitely worth it.

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